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Fight Stress & Find Serenity Reduce Fat & Increase Energy Find Inner Peace & Greater Flexibility Boost Immunity & Detoxify your body Meet Great People

Fight Stress & Find Serenity

Get yourself out of the rat-race and onto the mat. You’ll enjoy calmer moods, better sleep and an improved relationship with your real, authentic self. It’s the perfect way to start your day the right way or to destress after work.

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Reduce Fat & Increase Energy

The physical benefits of Yoga are powerful and well-documented. Whether you need to work on your relationship with food or be more in touch with your own energy levels, Yoga can be a powerful tool for body transformation.

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Find Inner Peace & Greater Flexibility

Work on your mind and body balance. Let tight muscles and closed thought patterns release simultaneously as you work on every part of yourself with one holistic practice. You’ll be amazed by how fast the changes come.

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Boost Immunity & Detoxify your body

Sick of being sick? Yoga works on every part of the body, from the circulatory to the lymphatic system. Glowing overall health and resistance to colds and bugs are just some of the benefits of the cleansing powers of regular practice.

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Meet Great People

At Magic Yoga we are committed to creating a Yoga COMMUNITY. That means not only a team of fantastic, loving, talented teachers, but an atmosphere that encourages togetherness in our Yoga journey. And together we can do anything.

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Why Yoga Is For Everybody

What do you see when you think of Yoga?  Maybe you see a super-bendy Indian man sitting cross-legged on a rug, then twisting himself…

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Why Us

With so much Yoga places in the city, why would you choose Magic Yoga over any other studio in the city?  The answer is…

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Frequently Asked Questions

People have all kinds of questions before they start practicing Yoga for the first time.  The last thing we want is for this to…

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Let The Magic Happen

Our clients experience incredible results already after short periods of training. Right after the first training session you’ll be happy that you took action. Our classes will help you become more content and happier, less stressed and distracted. You’ll become peaceful from within. Yoga practice has countless health benefits but there is also a great spiritual aspect that you’ll benefit from.

To give you a few reasons to make the right decision and start practicing, here are the things that you’ll soon experience:

We know that everybody is different, therefore, we offer various classes so that there is something interesting for complete beginners as well as more experienced yoga enthusiasts.Whether you’re doing your first ever downward dog or jumping into your ten-thousandth handstand, there is always space for you in our studio and always something new for us to explore together.

And it doesn’t end there.  We want to see your Yoga experience change your life.  That’s why we are committed to creating an atmosphere for you to grow and change in your Yoga practice.  It’s a bit of a Yoga cliché that you don’t need a flexible body to practice, but a flexible mind.  But we don’t want to limit you to one or the other; we want to give both your body and mind space to develop in our studio.  Essentially, we want to be the best studio we can be so that you can be as free, as empowered and as nurtured in Yoga as possible.

Whether that be by hosting amazing workshops, employing the best teachers we can find, or just by making time at the end of class for you to talk to us about your experience and about what you hope to realise with your practice, we want Magic Yoga to be a welcoming space where you feel physically comfortable and spiritually at home.

And if you want to call us home, we’ll make it super simple, just come to practice whenever you can or whenever you want.  We’ll never judge you by your attendance or your practice, we’ll simply be here holding space, giving you the power to realise the power of Yoga for yourself.